Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Muslim Miss USA, Rima Fakih, is a Real American Dammit!

A news report says that there are a whole grip of Islamophobes who believe that Miss USA, Rima Fakih, is a terrorist sympathizer.

The 24-year old Arab-American beauty queen's family is from Lebanon.  This has led to her being called a "Hezbollah babe" by those who make it their business to demonize Arabs and Muslims.

And she is an Arab and a Muslim so they doing double duty all rolled up into one.

Poor Ms Fakih can't win for losing.  Not even her skimpy bikini or stripper photos have convinced 'real' Americans that she is just like them.

You know, fake and sh*t.

Maybe if she released a sex-video like Kim Kardashian it may go a long way, no?

But to her credit, Rima has persisted against her innate propensity to blow sh*t up and found a way to prove to America that she is indeed one of them.

To do so this Muslim sista has gone the full hog, so to speak.  And I mean full hog as in pig, varkie, oink oink like.

Last Sunday Miss America was caught drunk driving!

Yep you read that right my hijabi sista.

Miss America, a Muslim in the land of Muslim haters, was caught blitzed behind the wheel of a car.

She is now facing a charge of driving under the influence (DUI).

Bless her heart though.  She never gave up trying to fit into American culture and its many many dysfunctions.

She is a credit to her race and deserves mad props even from the haters.

This sista is learning me a thing or three.

I am sure that the DUI will p*ss off the Saudis and the Tabligh Jamaat.  The latter may even dredge up enough courage to muster a real grip and slap her wandering ass ... and what an ass hey?

The bearded ones will probably also point out that the dangerous cocktail of driving while being a woman (DWW) is what made her drunk, and very likely f*cked up her virginity too.

So don't be surprised if there is a call for some virginity testing.

Whatever the reaction from the holy gatekeepers may be, Rima now belongs in the US, if even with unfortunate and deviant genetics.

But f*ck all that.  The fyne sista is finally free.  She should be rewarded.

Dammit, give that woman a Bells.  She deserves it ne.  Oh and let her marry a white boy too, even if he has never heard of a bidet.

You know they have all kinds of wet wipes now, right?


As for yours truly, I am building a drone in my backyard to spy on, and bomb, unsuspecting Muslim terrorists in my neighborhood.

I too want to be a real American if even here in the delusional dustbin of my birth.

Most people think I drink heavily anyway so just being pulled over won't cut it for me.  And drunk driving in South Africa is a constitutional right.

Naaaa boet.  I am joining the American fight against Muslim terror by building my own damn drone out of used Coke and Pepsi cans.

Soon every Tabligh and Taliban f*ck close to me will be under terrorist surveillance until Killary Hilton calls me back to the land of the free.

And then the Muslim world will know that I was not just a bad Muslim but also an undercover brutha who, like Rima, just wants to be loved by America.


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Update (December 7):  Stuff is actually getting rough for home girl.  She had a blood-alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit and an open container (champaign champagne) in the the car when she was stopped by cops at 2.15am.

These are serious offenses in fun loving America and could lead to a substantial prison sentence. 

So OK, what's a Muslim woman doing driving around at 2.15 am anyway?  That's late enough to make her a lesbian by Saudi standards!


Anonymous said...

luv the sarcastic you. still remember how you dissed those socialist feminists in Seattle. think they have figured you out by now?


Ridwan said...

Hello Lauren:

I do remember that incident. It still makes me laugh how lefty socialist types think their white privileges are set aside simply because they have a class analysis of sorts.

I expect that they will have forgotten me by now. :0)

Have a great hump day ... I just received word that our first book has already caused political dissension and it is being recalled from the printers.

I don't even want to explain how pissed off I am.

Will holla at ya,

desert demons said...

women with too many clothes on , women with too few clothes on - aahh what major issues compared to the almost 500 000 raped women in the Congo!

I guess you're only free if you can walk around in a bikini right? Must admit she's one hot 'mainstream idea of beauty' terrorist' *all the great freedom fighters roll in their graves*

Ridwan said...

I absolutely hear ya DD.

Men do war on the bodies of women and over the bodies of women.

It is a story older than just about anything else.

And we are not free - not even close.

Peace to ya,