Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brutally Elegant

 Nadal beat Federer 6-7, 6-2, 7-6, 6-4 to reach the Australian Open Final today

It was a brilliant match by one of sport's greatest rivalries.  I  played hooky from work commitments and watched from the edge of my seat.

I felt a little sorry for Federer.  He played amazing tennis but the street fighter of old had his number today.

I can still remember being pissed at Federer for crying and stealing Nadal's moment of championship glory at the Australian Open Final of 2009.

Nadal had just demolished Federer but instead of being annoyed he offered consolation and praise to the defending champion.

In today's encounter, a semi-final, Federer made no fuss after losing and walked off court but without signing any autographs.  The man is mostly a classy champion and undoubtedly the greatest tennis player of all time.

If he had won I would not have been too sad since I think his game is better suited to beating Djokovic.

I can't wait till Sunday for the final where I fully expect Djokovic to be present barring a huge upset in his semi-final match with Murray.  My opinion is that Murray does not have the what it takes to beat Djokovic.

But does Nadal have what it takes to beat the seemingly unbeatable Djokovic?

I think he does even though he lost 6 straight matches to Djokovic in 2011.  Nadal seems hungry again and that brawler look is back on his grill and in his demeanor.

In fact, if the Nadal that just beat Federer was a motorcycle he would be a lime green Triumph Speed Triple, a street fighter unlike any other.

2007 Triumph Speed Triple

Brutally elegant indeed!

Nadal Picture Credit
Triumph Picture Credit


Anonymous said...

enjoy your play time ridi. you deserve it after the marathon writing sessions of the last three months. i'm so proud of you.


Ridwan said...

Hi Lauren:

Thanks kindly for your comment.

I am enjoying my "play time" - think we called it 'playtime' in primary school - dunno will have to ask Tony next time we have a marathon chat.

You would probably laugh but my penchant for long calls has not disappeared.

Tony called from Melbourne this afternoon (after the Nadal match) and we talked for three hours!

He said he knows no-one else who he talks to for so long - I took it as a compliment :0)

Somewhere in our chat I glanced at the news and saw the Australian prime minister in more than a spot of bother as indigenous people protested Australia Day.

Anyway, today revolved around things Australian and it cool that you took some time out of your Australian holiday to look in here.

Don't forget to send me pictures.

Have fun Lauren.

Peace and luv,

Tony said...

Hey Boet
Nice to speak to you this morning. I think that I will have to disagree with you slightly on the lime green Speed Triple.
I think that he'll be a matt black one. When he's not playing well, he scowls. When he looses, he scowls. When he wins (okay there's a brief moment of smiles and happines.....)and then....he scowls. I like that - he's consistent.

Ridwan said...

Hey there Tony:

It was an absolute delight catching up brother. I almost forgive you for leaving me here in the delusional rainbow by the side of the groot gat.

I can't disagree with you on the matt black S3. So, a matt black one it be :0)

Thanks for your consistency Tony - I think we been hanging longer than that mustache you sent packing.

Be good and look in on the prime minister - I think she got a little road rash running from her destiny yesterday.

Peace boet.

Onward! hey.