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Georgia State Rep: ‘I’m Afraid’ Of Romney’s Mormon Faith, But ‘It’s Better Than A Muslim’

Islamophobia Today
Zaid Jilani
January 6, 2012.

One obstacle that Mitt Romney may face as he asks for the support of Republican primary voters is bigotry against the Mormon faith.

Marietta Daily Journal story published yesterday demonstrates the bigotry that Romney may have to overcome.

The Journal quotes Republican state Rep. Judy Manning saying that she’s scared of Romney’s Mormon faith. But at least he’s “better than a Muslim”:
“I think Mitt Romney is a nice man, but I’m afraid of his Mormon faith,” Manning said. “It’s better than a Muslim. Of course, every time you look at the TV these days you find an ad on there telling us how normal they are. So why do they have to put ads on the TV just to convince us that they’re normal if they are normal? … If the Mormon faith adhered to a past philosophy of pluralism, multi-wives, that doesn’t follow the Christian faith of one man and one woman, and that concerns me.”
Manning’s criticism of Romney’s faith and her attack on Islam as an even more inferior religion — in addition to other comments she has made against LGBT rights — demonstrates an important point. Progressives and others who oppose bigotry and preach tolerance must denounce discrimination of every kind, not just because all discrimination is wrong, but because validating discrimination against one group can lead to increased discrimination against other groups in the future.

Comment: It is usual to read stories like this from the ailing empire, and everywhere else really.  Last week a Muslim woman was "shocked by a stun gun" in a Florida Walmart.  The woman was wearing traditional clothes from Pakistan which, of course, makes her a terrorist.

Then there are the constant attacks on masjids all across the western world and especially in white settler states where some Caucasians want to keep the land their ancestors stole through rape, pillaging, and genocide, free of Muslims.

The first thought that entered my head when I looked at this Republican heffa in the story above was, who elected this woman?  What kind of bigoted mindset elects such a person to political office?

A lot is made of how this kind of racism is just a circus show and, to an extent, I can see why for very different reasons than the usual apologists might offer. 

Barack Obama is a black man and he would never be so stupid to utter such racist and bigoted comments.  But Obama is a mass murderer and a liberal who inherited Bush's legacy only to advance its conservative mania.

Inside of the liberal establishment -wherever and whatever they are now- there are more heinous individuals than this stupid and racist heffa. 

It reminds me of a little wisdom passed down in the decades of surviving whiteness in South Africa.  That wisdom advised folks of color to just laugh off the open racist positions that some Afrikaners exhibited in their interactions on the daily.

"You know an Afrikaner is racist because they don't hide it.  You need to be worried about English speaking liberals.  They hide their racism behind fancy talk and then stab you in the back."

There is no science behind this kind of wisdom but it holds more than a grain of truth.  No-one is saying just look the other way when stupid asses like this heffa mouth racist crap. 

That is not my point - I am not minimizing her crudeness against Mormons or Muslims.

But more than just me will be saying don't lose sight of racist murderers who come clothed in ideological pretensions, and/or skin pretensions like Obama, and do much worse.

Even the Ku Klux Klan can't claim to have killed many scores of brown and black children all across the world -in the interest of whiteness- while their own kids slept soundly in a big White House.


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