Sunday, January 15, 2012

La Vida Loca y Motocicletas

I got to ride a bike exactly like this one today and it was one helluva experience that still has parts of my soul buzzing with excitement levels I can't quite fully explain.

For the uninitiated or mostly uninterested, this is a 2008 Honda CBR1000rr.  It is a race replica and the flagship of Honda sportbikes.

If you know anything about this model then you will know that Honda changed the bike dramatically in the visual and power departments after 2007.

In 2007 the exhaust pipes were under the seat and from 2008 onward they back where they belong on the right side of the bike.

It is rumored that the 2012 model, the first drastic change in specs since 2008, has more horsepower for those who need to see a little more past 300 kph, or 186 mph for you non metric types.

That is plenty fast dawg!  Just ask Tony over there in Melbourne where tomorrow the Australian Open (or should I say Novak Djokovic show?) will start.

What the hell happened to Rafa Nadal?  Ummm, OK I'm known to 'drift when I drive'.

My bikes over the years have all been standard old skool bonnies.  But after today that may be over.

I hope when tomorrow morning comes around I will stop worrying about staying alive in this muy loco country and allow myself to dream past 300 kph again.

And if I can find the reason to believe that a Honda race replica in Kimberley may be freeing then it would have to be a brand new Repsol edition like this one.

Ai esto es exactamente lo que necesito realmente libre!

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Nolwazi said...

Sara says she may or may have not seen you in Kim? Were you the guy on the motorbike making a noise for the wholee neighbourhood?

Ridwan said...

No that would not be me Nolwazi. I hate those kind of juvenile bikers even more than those who ride in social packs.

Trust you are well sista.