Saturday, February 04, 2012

Carlos Latuff on Israel's Scheme to Bomb Iran

Comment: Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian cartoonist but I do not know where his work appears.  This cartoon was reproduced in This Can't be Happening by John Grant; the article is entitled "A Modest Proposal for Israel and Iran" (January 29, 2012).

On another note.  My email and comment boxes are full of racist rants and threats over the last few days.  It seems there are a lot of anonymous hate mongers out there who are delighting in the prospect of a war with Iran.

I am not surprised and not even offended and sure as hell not intimidated.  

That said, please don't expect this blog to publish racist hate.  So if you trolling anonymously and hoping to read your sh*t here on the blog - don't get your white sheet all knotted up, it ain't gonna happen.

But please do keep writing your racist sh*t though - it keeps me amused.  



Carlos Latuff said...

You can find my work here

and finally my blog

Or just search for "Latuff" on Google images

Ridwan said...

Thank you ever so kindly for responding Carlos.

Your work is very impressive and moving.

I will add a link to my blogroll too.