Saturday, February 18, 2012

Carlos Latuff on Khader Adnan




Nolwazi said...

Mama Fatima's son, thank you very much for the education on Khader Adnan. As uncomfortable and painful as this education is, it gives life, really.

There are people engaged in real struggle out there. People who need for us (the undeseverdly fortunate ones living our lives selfishly and freely outside of inhumane cages) to fight for them.

My God, even a prayer can save a life. Simple yet powerful, but we still fail to dedicate the few seconds it would take for us to step outside our "me,me,me state of mind" and just ask God to intervene...because the UN will not...and never will.

Khader is a hero, a soldier, superhuman. He and his family are in my thoughts...

Those words feel pointless.

Ridwan said...

No my sista your words are not pointless. Khader is all you say and the struggle he carries is indeed that of a "superhuman".

I think too of his family, his wife and kids - he is just like the rest of us except he and his endure the inhumanity of Israel's occupation.

Sadly, the brother is very close to death.

Many years ago my late Uncle Bharat met me at the airport on one of my returns to South Africa.

It was during the apartheid era.

At his house we got to talking and I said that apartheid cannot go on for this and that political reason - I was my usual animated and bloated political self.

He looked at me calmly and said:"I don't think about all those things just the fact that it is wrong and God won't allow wrong to stand over right forever. Black people will be free in South Africa and that is a fact that cannot be stopped."

I will never forget his words. I was struck by his calm honesty and belief.

He passed just months ago but if he were here he would say the same: Palestinians will be free because God won't allow wrong to stand over right forever.

Peace my sista Nolwazi and thanks for your comment.