Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leah 2004-2012

Last night I did some Internet research on pyometra.   Leah, our eight year old boerbol showed signs of a serious uterus infection which is almost always fatal if left unattended.

After reading about all the symptoms I knew that it was important to get Leah into the vet immediately.  Moms called a family friend to help me lift a dog that weights a ton onto the back of our pickup but it was almost not necessary.

Leah climbed aboard with a little help and the friend drove while I sat with Leah.

She looked regal and interested in her surroundings.  But her body showed signs of strain.  I promised her that when she got home we would go for walks outside the city.

When we got to the vet Leah was well behaved and even went into the holding cage with no fuss.

I felt calm and sure that Leah would be coming home I even joked with the vet on my way out telling her I expected a good result.

But as life will have it Leah only had a slight infection of the uterus.  Her spleen however was riddled with cancer and the vet called us to say it had spread to her liver.  We asked her what the prognosis was and she advised us to put Leah down.

I am shocked and feel guilty for taking her for what I thought would be just a routine spaying.  And now she is gone forever.

In my head I was planning to work less and spend more time with my big girl and get her back to full health.  Leah was one tough dog.  Just this morning she charged the electricity meter readers and chased them from our property.

But mostly she was a gentle dog with a heart the size of the Grand Canyon.

I will miss her reassuring presence.  I will miss her by my side.  I will miss her love.



Anonymous said...

ridi i am so sorry to read this. i know how much you loved leah. let's talk when you can.


Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly Lauren. I will definitely holla your way in a bit.

Peace and luv,