Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Listen to Tillicum Wawa Interview Bill Bigelow about Arizona's Banning of Mexican American Studies

In mid-January, the Mexican American Studies program in the Tuscon, Arizona public schools was banned along with many Hispanic and Native American authors and books. Tune in to "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," Thursday, February 23rd, to hear an interview with Bill Bigelow, author and co-editor of the banned book "Rethinking Columbus," and longtime member of "Rethinking Schools" for an interview about the banning of his book and the banning in general.Link
Tillicum Wawa is Eugene Johnson, Shusli Baseler-Johnson, and Vicki "Redwillow" Creel and can be heard every Thursday from 6-7pm on KBOO 90.7fm in Portland, Oregon.
Comment: If you listening online from South Africa keep in mind that Portland, Oregon, is 10 hours behind us.  So the show starts at 4am, February 24 (Friday), South African time.  You can check this website for the local time in Portland.

For background see Bill Bigelow's article "Repeat After Me: The United States Is Not an Imperialist Country—Oh, and Don’t Get Emotional About War".

Also see Rodolfo Acuña's "The Next Inquisition: Surprise, Fear and Fanaticism in Tucson's Ethnic Studies War".

And, see Jeff Biggers' "Who’s afraid of 'The Tempest'?"

Oh if you get through please pass peaceful greetings to Tillicum Wawa and Bill from me.  :0)


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