Friday, February 10, 2012 Peanuts Kill More Americans Than Islamic Terrorists

Comment:  According to a new study released by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, so called radical Muslims pose a minuscule threat to US national security.

It seems, as illustrates in the above graphic, the threat posed by peanuts is much worse.

Loonwatch points out that:
"Since 9/11–which was over a decade ago–zero U.S. civilians have been killed by Islamic terrorists."
They continue by saying:
"Putting this into perspective, you as an American have a much greater chance of being struck or even killed by lightning than being killed by an Islamic terrorist.  Using conservative estimates, at least 300 Americans are struck by lightning every year, and of them, 67 die–way higher than the whopping zero Americans that die every year from Islamic terrorists.

Another way to think of this is that you as an American have a much higher chance of dying from a peanut than an Islamic terrorist: at least 120 Americans die from an allergic reaction to peanuts every year.  Should we wage a War on Peanuts?"
Start the War on Peanuts now !
Damn good question.

Unless of course it can be proved that peanuts are in fact Muslims.


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Tony said...

The deception has worked! It is a little known fact that Muslims are in fact the core of the IPGATISTTDOWSVDBP (International Peanut Growers Association That Is Sworn To The Destruction Of Western Society Via Death By Peanut).
We haven't quite converted the peanuts to Islam yet, but we're working on it.
Yours in peanut butter

Ridwan said...

I knew it bra Tony.

You hatching a conspiracy to f*ck with America's most favored PJ sandwiches.

Now what would a peanut and jelly (can't they spell Jam) sandwich be without a peanut?

And so all the years "working for peanuts" actually means working to convert peanuts to Muslims?

And the peanut gallery? They Muslims too?

Explains my devotion to peanut M&Ms - especially the green ones.

So I'm part of a revolution and did not even know it.

So rag heads are actually peanut heads too?

Oh oh does going nuts mean you are converting to Islam?

You are a genius boet - will salty peanuts translate into rude Muslims?

Ok I am annoying you now for sure.


Trust you well Tony.

By the way, did you hear about the guy in Melbourne who went into a mosque and started tearing up Qur'ans and then flushed them down a toilet?

Just in case you missed it:


Yours in peanut butter too :0)