Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Occupy Amusement

I was reading Chris Hedges' article "The Cancer in Occupy" and struggling somewhat to compose my thoughts in-between sips of coffee and frankly, laughing loudly.

Hedges and his politically anemic environmentalist friend, Derrick Jensen, think OWS is a movement despite the fact that it has no agenda other than to finger the so called one-percent they desperately need to front them-us politics/semantics.

Do they even recognize that those marines who killed innocent men, women, and children in Haditha and elsewhere are far from one-percenters but they are oppressors nonetheless?

A year from now OWS will be no more than a Hollywood movie in which a couple of white twenty-sumthens get laid and arrested and laid again and then go work for "justice over there" in the Peace Corps before returning to Seattle with lots of pictures of smiling natives to help Occupy their vacuous and settled suburban lives.

Yo what a sentence hey ;o)

Oh oh and in-between that journey of self-discovery (why do white people always have to discover themselves - is it a Columbus virus?) Obama will be back in office killing black and brown skins so that white suburbia can continue its self-indulgent, delusional, and murderous existence. 

But I digress.

A quote that appears under Hedges article describes exactly why the OWS cannot be any more revolutionary than a scattered gathering of frustrated and alienated consumers: 
By Buffalo Bill, February 7 at 6:37 am

"Forget about revolution or change in this country. This is a country composed of complacent soft weaklings. LOL, you expect Americans, Prozac-popping individuals who rush to see a therapist because of the trauma they suffered from being called fat when they were 10 to be a revolutionary vanguard? C’mon. Right-wing red necks are brain-dead from cheap beer and nascar. At the same time latte-drinking, Subaru driving liberals will never sacrifice their privilege and comforts to mix with the unwashed masses.
I love Chris Hedges, but sometimes his columns are incoherent and contradictory. He’ll outline how sick and empty this society is, and then at the same time he’ll promote the hard-slog of non-violent sacrifice as a means to fix the ills of America. Sorry Chris, but overweight, fragile, and lazy Americans will always just be gears in a large machine that just perpetually grinds away under its own momentum.
Ps. For you OWS folks who are probably offended—slumming in a sleeping bag and banging a drum all day gets you nothing and requires no political backbone. But at least you are not YET “radical” suburban dwelling well-off liberals who I have the greatest contempt for. However, when you grow up, will you become “radical” liberals? I think you will."
Ouch boet.  That is a fierce ass kicking but applied just right.

If the US was still floating along without an economic crisis there would not even be an OWS.

When the OWS folks start calling for impeachment and advocating mass civil disobedience in solidarity with the black and brown folks their taxes are killing I will start paying attention.

Until then they remain nothing more than whiners looking for a better capitalist deal inside the crumbling empire.

Someone should tell Hedges and his Occupy folks that you cannot reform capitalized America and call it a revolution. 


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