Saturday, February 11, 2012

Protest Against Bullfighting in Bogata, Colombia

 Activists take part in a protest against bullfighting on February 9, 2012, 
at Bolivar Square in Bogota. Credit: PressTv

An activist shows a poster during a protest against bullfighting in Bogota 
February 9, 2012. The poster reads: "Join the biggest action 
against the bullfight." Credit:

Comment: See the Latin American Herald Tribune for coverage of this important protest.  Bullfighting is barbaric and should have been banned long ago, everywhere.

Here in the delusional rainbow you can still gather a group of  'brave men' and have them kill a bull with their bare hands to demonstrate their coming of age.  This act of supposed bravery takes place during the so called First Fruits Festival known as Ukweshwama.

You can read my thoughts on this barbarity here.



Nolwazi said...

Ok, so you leave me with no choice but to just hack into your blog account and remove these kinds of posts you write about my people.

Enough is enough Mfethu. Eintlek wat is jou probleem, Chaanaa?

Ridwan said...

Hi Nolwazi:

Which problem in particular do you want to know about?

This post is about your people?

I thought it was generally about bulls and the need to treat them humanely.

There are Zulus who do not agree with killing bulls by hand - does that make them not part of your people too?

Trust you are well.


Nolwazi said...

Psshh (I say) *pouting my lips*smacking my lips*walking away*