Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Will Soon be Illegal to Call the King of Swaziland a Twit on Twitter

A news report in The Guardian says that the government of Swaziland is finalizing a "law that will ban Facebook and Twitter users from criticising its autocratic ruler, King Mswati III."

This means that there is still time to criticize this buffoon and to call the dumb ass a dictator, an undemocratic tyrant, a misogynist, a thief, and a host of other salty names that describe his despicable self and not risk going to jail - in Swaziland that is.

King Mswati III is facing growing protests over his undemocratic regime. 
Photograph: Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty Images (Credit)

Of course, Swazis who have just about had enough of this fool will continue to call him derogatory names in private and anywhere else where his grubby fingers hold no sway.

In a country where the average citizen is living on the brink of starvation, the absolute monarch with 13 wives is said to be worth $100 million.

How does this b*tch sleep at night?  Well apparently quite lavishly.

And it is perhaps this grotesque disparity that explains why this moron needs more laws to keep his thieving kingdom afloat.

The Guardian article points out that:
Although internet penetration is low among Swaziland's 1.2 million people, networks such as Facebook and Twitter have been used to organise public protests, including a student demonstration on Monday against cutbacks in higher education.

Pius Vilakati, spokesman for the Swaziland Solidarity Network, condemned the planned crackdown. "The government is desperate right now. They are trying anything to stop people talking to each other," he said. It would be difficult for them, because people will always talk and continue to talk."
Sh*t is not looking good for King Butt Wipe III.  The people are restless and the game-over writing is on the wall - all in less than a 140 characters too.

The people of Swaziland deserve more than a propped up (by South Africa) piece of antiquated (fill in your own salty descriptor here while you still can) as a leader.

They deserve respect and freedom of speech all enshrined in a secular multi-party democratic nation-state.


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