Sunday, April 08, 2012

Mr. Radio and Sunday Soul

"I know I can
Like any man
Reach out my hand
And touch the face of God"


Charmaine said...

Hi Ridwan:

I love Al Jarreau. This is such an
inspirational song that brings back so many memories of San Francisco. Hope you fine and dandy with your Cheerios. Write will ya :) Love you.

Ridwan said...

"Mornin' sister Oriole
Did I tell you everything is fine?
In my mind." :0)

I trust you are well Charmaine and Mr. Golden Bridge too!

I hear you on San Francisco.

My gurl Alexis was just there last weekend and had a blast - she is planning on moving there and I so want to do the same.

I will of course have to get that old Rice-a-Roni chorus out of my head first.

Have you walked over the Golden Gate Bridge recently - well hell if you haven't let's plan on doing so in August?

I am getting off here to write you now - geez :0)

Peace and luv,