Friday, May 25, 2012

Mr. Fish: Happy Memorial Day

"... (W)hen it comes to the major war the United States is still fighting, now in its 11th year, the word remembrance is surely inappropriate, as is the “Memorial” in Memorial Day.  It’s not just that the dead of the Afghan War have largely been tossed down the memory hole of history (even if they do get official attention on Memorial Day itself).  Even the fact that Americans are still dying in Afghanistan seems largely to have been forgotten, along with the war itself."
 Tom Engelhardt in "The Road to Amnesia: How to Forget on Memorial Day Whistling Past the Graveyard of Empire" (May 24, TomDispatch).

See also Shawna Foster "Why I Threw Back My 'Global War on Terror' Medal" (May 25, Common Dreams).

I wonder what Obomber will be remembering this Memorial Day weekend - probably not the thousands of innocents he has killed with illegal drone strikes.


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