Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama and Gay Marriage: Thanks for Nothing

Scott Tucker
May 9, 2012.

President Obama was finally politically cornered, including by the unscripted remarks of Vice President Biden. Anyone who attributes courage to Obama in making this announcement is in a bemused state of mind. Obama’s calculation was electoral through and through. And the White House was definitely getting the news that major gay donors would not be signing checks until he “evolved” already. Also, millions of ordinary gay voters were finding it harder to suppress mounting moral revulsion at being played like extras in every election.

This concession, extracted from one of the emptiest suits ever to enter the White House, will be lauded by anyone and everyone inclined to vote by rote for career Democrats.

The honor of the real struggle over the years and decades does not belong to such politicians, but to gay couples and rebel queers of all kinds. First and foremost to ourselves. So thanks to all of you—all of us—who fought the good fight.

And for those who “evolved” themselves into triangulating and calculating career politicians: Thanks for nothing.

As for Obama lauding “incredibly committed monogamous relationships,” just consider making that argument in defense of allowing straight couples to marry. Yes, because heterosexuals really set the gold standard for monogamy. Obama never sounds more fake than when he is laying on the morals, monogamy and militarism with a gilded trowel.

Now maybe career Democrats will “evolve” on issues such as war, empire, torture, civil liberties and habeas corpus.

Comment: Obomber's re-election motto should read: Fool 'em once fool 'em again.

Though it hardly makes any difference who wins the presidency I expect that Tom will be around for another four.



The Brotha's Corner said...

Now, I am in favor of same-sex relationships but I respect those in the gay community right to fight. Nonetheless, I know this move was strictly political and financial. I have said it kind of reminds me of history, and the move Lincoln made to free our great-great-great grand-parents that was undoubtedly both a strictly political and financial move.

I feel Pres. Obama has the right to change his mind from his former position on this issue especially if it was truly genuine and not misleading (*Yeah right. But as many have said alike in both the gay community and heterosexual community--this appears to be a very disingenuous move.

The Brotha's Corner said...

Ridwan said...

SLM Brotha D.

Thank you kindly for your comment and link.

I absolutely agree with you and thank you for making the connection with Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation".

You nail it right brotha. He is pandering for votes and I so hope folks in the gay community and elsewhere see it for what it is.

I support the right of gay folks to live their lives as they choose and to be respected for their decisions too (just like the rest of us).

But I just don't buy the 'my daughters have friends who have gay parents' line he threw out there a couple of days ago.

I think more than just a few gay folks should be offended that he decided on a narrow margin of associates and not the greater principle of justice.

I guess his daughters don't have any Afghan/Pakistani friends who lost their parents or siblings because of drone strikes so his position will not change on killing innocents.

It is very frustrating dealing with Obomber's duplicity yet Romney will most like be even worse if that is even possible.

I trust you are well chief.

Peaceful blessings D.