Monday, June 04, 2012

Mr. Fish on Obama the Airplane Murderer

"It's a Bird, It's a Plane"


Dade said...

Ridwan, my brother, I hope you are well.

Pakistan today called the drone attacks illegal. Big trouble ahead.

US drone attacks are a symptom of a cowardly people. For all the tearful, noble talk about freedom and liberty, Americans sure did knuckle under to authoritarianism as soon as the Twin Towers fell.

Well, here we are today.

Ridwan said...

Hi there Dade.

Great to hear from you my brother.

I think you are right about the troubled times ahead. There have been noises inside of Pakistan for months now and I am not surprised that they have declared drone strikes illegal.

Of course the Obama administration does not even admit that their drone program exists!

Sad times and bad times for democracy (everywhere) no doubt.

I will be in Portland for all of August and will drop you an email to see if you and Maty are around and up for lunch/dinner.

I was reading on your blog that it was shaping up to be great summer and I sure hope you are right.

There is nothing like an Oregon summer, anywhere.

Be well my brother.

Peace to you.


Erica said...

Bit off the subject but......Happy Birthday Love!!!!

Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly Erica. It is a birthday submerged in work yet again but I plan to celebrate some tonight.

Maybe even some cake and blowing out too many candles too :0)

Have a great day up there in Carolina.

Much luv,

Kweli said...

Oh, my. Happy birthday, Ridwan.

I hope you're well in the Rude Mzansi.

Ridwan said...

I am well Kweli. Thanks for the birthday wish brother.

I should be like the Guru who stopped counting birthdays at 40 - about the age when he started getting text messages from god too ;0)

Each year he hosts an anti-40th birthday party or some event where he reinstates his resistance to being older than 39.

Whatever floats the boat I guess huh?

The years just book by boet anyway you want to slice getting older.

But Onward! hey.

Peace to you Kweli,