Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Soul in Seattle

"You just can't smile it away
It's much more than passion
Oh! It's love, and I've heard some people say
They've seen love move mountains"

Comment:  The first time I heard this Bill Withers cut it was on an Emirates flight in early 2006.

There is something about being struck by an old skool soul cut from the very first verse to the last at 30 thousand feet I can't fully explain.  Perhaps it is just the elation of discovering a classic for the very first time and doing so in a confined space with a head full of contradictory emotions.


Two nights ago as I worked through too many hours on another marathon flight to the Pacific Northwest I heard it again for the first time in 6 years.

There is a more popular cover of this 1985 song by a British band but it predictably pales in comparison.  I guess like most original things in life "you just can't pass it away."

AnyHowze, it is past 4.30am here in beautiful Seattle and I can't sleep - so, I posted this cut in praise of butterflies and moving mountains.



Erica said...

Welcome back Ridi. :)

Ridwan said...

Thanks Erica. Great to be back.