Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Lovely Day at Oregon's Canon Beach

Canon Beach on the Oregon Coast.

It was a hundred degrees in Portland yesterday so Laura and I headed for the beach with her two Chihuahuas in tow.  When we got there it was downright cold.  Only 55 degrees and definitely not a day to wade into the water and test the usual freezing temperatures.

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful Oregon coast day.  In the background you can see the famous "Haystack Rock" that greets visitors to this popular beach.

We also made our way to Indian beach which you can access via Ecola State Park.  There we found brave souls, a grip of them, surfing!

Indian Beach 

 Surfing Cold

I mentioned to Laura that I found the ferns in the park to be very beautiful and that we grow ferns back home as potted plants.

She looked at me somewhat quizzical and said:"You grow ferns on purpose in South Africa?"

Yeah we do but they do not look as amazing as they do here at the Oregon coast.

 Chihuahua Olympics

Laura's Heart

Amazing Indian Beach

It was a lovely day and the pictures above are all courtesy of Laura who unlike yours truly does not forget to bring a camera along.


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