Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Saturday Hike Alongside Multnomah Falls

Laura had the great idea that we hike the 1.8 miles up alongside the Multnomah Falls which is the tallest waterfall in Oregon.

I did not really think she was serious about going all the way to the top till we got to the parking lot that sits adjacent to the falls.  She said in no uncertain terms:"Ummm we going up to the top and that's that so stop whining."


Anyway, we crossed the Benson Footbridge where most visitors stop take pictures and huffed and puffed up to the overlook.  (Advice for visitors to the falls: flip-flops do not make good hiking shoes!)

It was a vigorous workout that also allowed us to take spectacular pictures on a day Laura described as "perfect for hiking".

Laura proved to be in excellent physical shape and even though I would rather have taken pictures from the footbridge I quite enjoyed the too early morning workout.

I have mostly forgiven her for pushing me out of my usual inertia.

These are Laura's pictures.  Mine will no doubt languish in my camera as usual :0)

 The Benson Footbridge

Side View of Falls

This picture and the one above are close to the overlook at the end of the trial 1.8 mile hike

The Multnomah Falls is located in the Columbia River Gorge. This view of the gorge is from Vista House where we stopped before heading back to Portland.

And another view from Vista House

Just before we hit the road back to Portland Laura stopped in at a roadside farm of sorts to buy fresh lavender she cut herself. I checked my armpits and I think her decision was mostly not related. Though I have my suspicions :0)

There is talk of another hike next Saturday and I need an exit strategy.  I thought my boy Mark's scheduled arrival from Sarasota, Florida, today may be just the strategy but his plans to get here were derailed by Tropical Storm Isaac which is headed to the Gulf Coast. 

So plan dos is to fake an injury or just start heading way south to Mexico :0)

Just jiving Laura.  I do not regret a single drop of sweat struggling up the trial with ya - thank you kindly.

Now start working on plans for our hike up Kilimanjaro will ya.



Angela said...

Leave it up to Laura and your are gonna have covered more grounds in Oregon on your visit than you did when you lived here.

Boo Boo

Ridwan said...

You are absolutely right about that Boo Boo.

Geez what the hell got into Laura?

She is fitness crazy and a damn task master to boot. :0)

I am faking an injury before the weekend - in fact I am gonna go run and at Catlin Gable track in a few and work on effing my ankle up even more.

Ummm should you not be walking with us for practice too?


Angela said...

Umm no Laura doesnt know when to stop she is like the energizer bunny and keeps going and going

Laura Massey said...

Ummmm excuse me. This is a public forum and I can read ALL this nonsense!! Be advised, faking injuries will result in MORE serious injuries. Hiking is good for your body and soul miss Angela, you should join us and the dogs.

Angela said...

Wait im not faking any injury whatsoever. Hiking...ummm that word isnt in my vocabulary im not exactly sure what it means or entails

Laura Massey said...

The fake injury comment was directed at your friend. Hiking involves: enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature, exercising, taking pretty photos, and playing with the dogs, all at once. It's a pretty amazing thing.