Friday, August 31, 2012

And I Think to Myself ...

"I hear babies cryin'
I watch them grow
They'll learn much more
Than I'll never know" 

Comment: Somewhere along Alberta Avenue I asked you if you knew Israel Kamakawiwo`Ole.  That question stayed with me till long after Last Thursday was over; with no small wonder about another world.

I like Iz's fused version of the Armstrong classic but when I watch Satchmo in the video I can't help but to beam from deep inside another life. 

You will agree his smile and delivery are infectious.

I hope when you rise you are fresh as a rainbow and ready to help me pick out a wedding band.

Thank you for a lovely evening.



Kimberly Pillon said...

Israel Kamakawiwo `Ole's version is absolutly beautiful. It makes me emotional everytime I hear it.

Louis is like an old friend, so compforting and like a kiss from the past.

I didn't rise fresh as a rainbow but happy for a long weekend to come.

I'm ready to find you the perfect band. Silver I think is best.

Ridwan said...

Hey Kim:

I hope you resting toward a rainbow.

More than a few folks have asked me about the wedding band.

Should I send out wedding invites too?

Or is the band enough?

I think it is and I do like silver too ... platinum more.

I still have not heard from Mark and he is married for real - maybe the reason why huh?

Talk to ya lata.