Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ayanda Mabula on Black Skin Colonialists and Zuma's Penis

Another painting of President Jacob Zuma with his private parts exposed went on display at the AVA Gallery in Cape Town. Ayanda Mabulu's painting of Zuma wearing traditional attire and his penis exposed is part of an exhibition - Our Fathers.
News 24

Comment: You may remember this post I wrote in part about a painting by artist Ayanda Mabulu in mid May.  Well it seems to have attracted a huge number of hits in recent days and the reason is that Mabulu has again painted President Zuma with his penis exposed.

See video above for details. Also see "Painting makes a mockery of Zuma" (City Press: August 29, 2012)

My position on the freedom of expression and the constitutional right of any South African to express themselves has not changed.

You may disagree with Mabulu but disagreement cannot lead to censorship in a democratic society.

Mabulu and Brett Murray are pushing the democratic envelope.  They are offering a critique of politics as it stands under Zuma and the ANC.

Anyone who disagrees or agrees or is indifferent cannot be compelled to take a position - particularly not one that presses a compliance with censorship.

The test of any democracy, even an emerging one like South Africa (some may prefer the term 'pretend democracy') is to embrace critique and to honor engagement that does not promote/instigate violence.

Mabulu is offering a compelling critique and he has that right - Zuma and his government cannot remove the right to freedom of expression under the guise of concerns for personal dignity or cultural sensitivity.

Freedom cannot be compromised by power politics of any kind in a democracy.


Update (August 29)  In case you have not seen a picture of the Mabulu's painting entitled "Umshini Wam" (Weapon of Mass Destruction) here it is (Credit):

This painting is currently on show at the Ava Gallery in Cape Town.  
See Our Fathers exhibition.


Pstonie said...

Isn't it sort of over for a government once they get caught on tape massacring citizens?

Ridwan said...

Thank you for your comment Pstone.

It should be over is my thinking.

We live in ugly times no doubt.

Cosatu seems more interested in making blanket statements in support of the president's dignity.

Well, probably because Cosatu is the government - and of questionable relevance outside of its association with the ANC and that other non-entity, the SACP.