Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Red Eye gRound-Up

I am catching a red eye flight to Tampa via Chicago at 11pm tonight.  By the time Sunday is over in South Africa I hope to be making my way to a beach somewhere in Sarasota.

The red eye part is also described by a lack of sleep brought on mostly by a collective of late night reveling that defy even my now distant party years.

I just luv having multiple midlife crises.

Well you only live once, right?  And I am so desperate to make up for living comatose and crucified in that crock of a rainbow.

Save it DD.

No-one and least of all me wants to hear about the promise of a new day and the sh*t that goes for life in that spaza shop country you want to defend so much :0)

Right now I am focused on beach and sand and more of the same in Miami and Key West (perhaps even the fabled Kokomo) next weekend.

Yeah yeah I know I am writing from inside the belly of the beast and that I am in postcolonial terms a complicit ignoramus.

If you want your revenge you can pick me up at Oliver Tambo and watch me cry rivers of regret, again.

Sarasota (Credit)

Downtown Sarasota (Credit)

Oh did I tell you that two nights ago I woke up in a panic because I thought we were being burgled.  I grabbed a golf club and walked in the direction of the intruding noise.

To my relief it was just creaking coming from the air conditioning vents and possibly a jinn who follows me around.

All was not lost though.  I put the experience down to my ever readiness to return to the deluded rainbow where an intruder would have been the most likely cause for my creep with golf club in hand.

Oh and if you wondering why I am not out there raging about the 'film' that denigrates Islam and Muslims it is, well ... 'cause my chain can't be yanked that easily.

Like I told my boy Mark this morning, the killing of the ambassador was a calculated hit and part of that calculation was the anniversary of 9/11.

Deflecting a hit on a man who was instrumental in the murder of Gaddafi by pointing to affronted Muslims who spend too much time being offended is just electoral politics.

The real issue is that Obomber and the empire got caught napping.  It won't be the last time. 

The shame is that too many Obomber supporters believe the spin and not without a sh*t load of help from disgruntled Muslims in the muddled east.

I watched the trailer on YouTube and it was so bad that it was impossible for me to even conjure up the energy to be affronted or offended.

Islam ain't under serious attack from the idiots who make stupid and incoherent assaults on the life and times of the Prophet.  The religion is bigger than that for crying out loud.

The folks we need to worry about are those sellout Arab states like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, among others, who are helping Obomber wage his state/UN-sanctioned war on Muslims and other black and brown skins.

Maybe a little look inside this global ummah we keep talking about is the place to start pulling weeds.

The US cannot sustain its war on Muslims were it not for oil sold by Muslim sellouts; that is the real blasphemy against Islam.

Let's talk about a peaceful revolution in these real terms because it is possible

And f*ck the trinitarian zealots and others who think their religion(s) is superior.  I may be more inclined to listen to their racist rants when they learn to wash their barbarian asses.

Oooh I'm gonna need sunscreen ;0)


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