Friday, September 07, 2012

Boo Boo and Funky Friday

"Fly like a 747"

Boo Boo when you said you were coming out to party with us tonight I was not even hearing you.

But now past 3am in the morning I am smiling from deep inside and I know our boy Mark is too.

It was on helluva night I won't forget too soon and I hope we can funk it up at least one more time before my departure for the land of delusion.

Is Mark not a doofus?  That boy wanted to go home at 11pm!  He is not used to being off his chain.

Ummm ... Angela please know my ass ain't calling you before noon. I need to sleep before part two of this party  :0)

That aside, you know my heart will always be with you no matter what ... even when you playing damn softball at 9pm on a Saturday night.

And I don't care that you grown now; you still can't remember where the hell you parked your car and that is enuff for me. ;0)

When moms asks me about you I will say as usual ... "she ain't right".

Oh yes, please remind me not to tell a room full of black folks, and particularly one brother and his white wife, that Obama is an Uncle Tom and a murderer; does not make for good dinner conversation.

In retrospect I am reminded of Rousseau's comment that 'man' is born free yet everywhere he is in chains.   

Oh yeah sorry about my Mexican cell.  I blame AT&T.  You know I was waiting for you on Alberta and 20th for at least as long as you were calling me.

Love always.


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