Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Florida Adventure

Somewhere in Indian controlled Kashmir in late 2007 the Guru looked at me over lunch and said: "New adventure".

"Huh," I replied looking on as he shoveled large amounts of food past his grill.

"A new adventure means taking a bad situation and planning on something new and exciting.  Like a new trip," he added.

I am taking the Guru's advice and reworking my plans to add a new adventure.

Well the new part is that I am doing the entire trip solo. So it is really an amended adventure.

Travel starts tomorrow morning with an Avis rental at 8am and ends on September 25 with a flight from Tampa back to the Pacific Northwest.

The stops are as following as indicated on the map:

A. Sarasota
B. Key West
C. Miami
D. West Palm Beach
E. Tampa

The part I am most excited about is reaching the southernmost point of the continental US which is Key West (about a 7 hour drive from Sarasota where I am as of this writing). 

This fascination started more than 6 years ago when a former girlfriend moved to Key West and suggested we get together and start a new life in the Conch Republic.

I though about moving and dithered through lapses of commitment and she moved on and out of Key West.

As it says it is only 90 miles to Cuba from the 
southernmost tip in Key West (Credit).

New adventure it is ...

Onward! to Duval Street.

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