Saturday, October 20, 2012

"If it seems like I've been lost in let's remember"

"You can get just so much from a good thing
You can linger too long in your dreams
Say goodbye to the "Oldies But Goodies"
Cause the good ole days weren't always good
And tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems"

Comment: See I have been listening.  But I usually start with the stuff I know.  And the stuff that is telling 'cause I'm incurably old skool.

Did I tell you that I still use Old Spice aftershave?  Trojans too.

Never did do tight Chinos though, Luckys or Sen Sen.

Well you probably know ;0)

Thank you again for the depth, the gift of listening and a promise of rain.


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Kimberly Pillon said...

Good Morning Old Man,

Keep listening the music reminds us, motivates us, holds us and lifts us up.

Como Ves by Ozomatli

Como ves , como ves , la historia no es como crees
Como ves , como ves , la historia no es como crees
Como ves , como ves ,Cuba y africa su hermano
donde va mi corazon
Cuba y africa su hermano,vive su dolor
quiero besar su , espiritu y, su alma...... go go go g....

You see, you see, the story is not as you think
You see, you see, the story is not as you think
You see, you see, Cuba and his brother africa
where my heart is
Cuba and his brother africa, live your pain
I want to kiss her, and spirit, your soul ...... go go go g ....

Ridwan said...

Ummm ... you called me old.

Funny. I just got back from a party that made me think maybe I should party more in the delusional hole.

Anyway somewhere in the middle of it all a 32 year old dude walked over to me and said: "I hear you are turning 50 in just two years. Please tell me how you stay so young. I want the recipe."

It made my night. And no he was not hitting on me.

And so I'm just ignoring your old man.

Luv U anyway ;0)


Kimberly Pillon said...

Ummmm....this coming from the guy who calls himself old all the time.

I keep reminding you that you are not old and see someone else thinks so too.

I may call you old again btw. This depends on how you continue to see yourself.

Oh yeah, umm... he was hitting on you!

;-O hahahahaha!

<3 you!

desert demons said...

This was very informative , who knew they still made Old Spice :P - are you blogging by typewrite ridi?

Ridwan said...

No DD I am using crayons and tracing paper.