Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bruce Dixon: Black America Has Lost Its Moral Compass

"When a Bush, a McCain, or a Romney condones corporate crimes against the rest of us, lies to us, tortures and imprisons at will and murders civilians at a whim, it's a moral disaster. When a black Democrat does it, it's nothing personal, just business. And we are soooo proud. What's wrong with us?"
Read the rest of this Black Agenda Report (BAR) article here.

Comment: Also see Glen Ford's BAR article entitled "Victory! - for the Non-Resistance" here.  Ford writes:
"... African Americans have made themselves irrelevant – not just for the second Obama presidency, but possibly deep into the future. “Power concedes nothing without a demand,” and Black folks have failed to demand even elementary respect from this president, much less concrete programs, or peace. Obama isn’t the only one who has noted Black ineffectuality. Until an independent African American politics and political movement can be rebuilt, there is no reason for a president or Congress to pay “the Blacks” any more attention than Obama did."
Hispanics will be knocking on Obomber's door asking for the return favor of reforming immigration.  They voted for him with interests in hand.

What was black America's voting agenda other than being able to claim a black man in the White House?

And what role did Obomber's African record play in making black Americans decide he was their man for another four?

Truth is most black folks in America have a superficial connection to US-African policies.  Africa is a romanticized faraway place that has f*ck-all to do with mainstream/majority black political identity.

That Obomber in effect invaded Libya, an African country, and had its leader killed is of little consequence to those who want to mark their consciousness with the sh*t mentality that a black man in the White House is a sure sign that they have progressed and overcome.

They fool themselves.  Obomber is no friend to blacks.  The proof of this fact will become more evident as the murderer in chief moves forward.

And as he does, more black men will be incarcerated still as America continues its policies of black enslavement under the guise of the war on drugs.

On the continent Obomber will expand his AFRICOM presence drawing more dumb-ass African elites into the crap of the war on terror and the results will render the continent beset by further conflict and mass suffering.

But hey, at least for the next four years, blacks here and there can still crow that there is a black president in the White House.

Cheap change for a wasted consciousness.

And we are not free.


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