Monday, November 05, 2012

Carlos Latuff: Mother Palestine Gives Israeli Agent Mahmoud Abbas a Lesson on the Right of Return

Comment: Mahmoud Abbas is a vile sellout.  He has effectively renounced the "right of return" for Palestinians in an Israeli television interview.  See this Times of Israel (November, 1) article for coverage.

What the hell can this fool be thinking and why is anyone even putting up with his sellout ass?

He may have promised Israel that there will not be another intifada on his watch but his words mean absolutely f*ck-all; the revolution will not be stalled by his duplicity.



Ps.  In much the same vein of Arab appeasement/accommodation of Israel see Barry Lando's thought provoking article entitled: "The Commodore's Message: The Israeli / Saudi Nexus" (Counterpunch November, 5).

You may be wondering why the Saudis are seeking to normalize relations with Israel.  The answer in one word: Iran.

The Saudi Wahhabis would rather cozy up to Israel than have Shi'ite Iran remain a giant in the so called Middle East.

Don't be surprised to find a further softening of relations with Israel by Arab states that are similarly threatened by Iran and Shi'ites inside and around their borders.  I can think of Bahrain right off the top of my head.

This is disgusting.

The Qur'an prohibits Muslims from fighting each other and it is said that if one Muslim kills another Muslim it is as if all of Islam has been destroyed.

Tough words that fall on deaf ears in Saudi.

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