Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Linh Dinh: Ass Won!

"American democracy is like a restaurant with only two items on the menu, and no matter which one you order, ass or pachyderm, you’re served a toxic and bloody mess. Dissatisfied, you must wait four years to order again, only to receive, once more, a toxic and bloody mess. Bon appetit!"
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Comment: I expected President Drone to win and, thereby, be ceded four more years to kill more Pakistani children at funerals/weddings and scores of other innocents elsewhere.

That just more than 51% of voters thought his ass should be given another shot is not surprising.  That less white folks joined the chorus of "Forward!" is not surprising either.

Black, brown and Asian voters delivered this assassin to four more years in the Oval Office.

Whites make up 70% of the eligible electorate but only 39% went to bat for Tom.  93% of the black voters joined the majority of Hispanic (75%) and Asian (73%) voters to make up the retracted white vote.

If the Republicans are paying attention I would say they in a sh*t load of trouble given the changing demographics in the US.  

It is too late at this stage to get whites to make more babies to stem the tide of the color plague that is rearranging traditional expressions of whiteness.  Still, white Americans really need to f*ck more and make more white babies if they want to stay in charge.

But seriously, if there is going to be a white Republican in the White House one of two things needs to happen by 2016.

First, Republicans are gonna have to rid their party of all the scary racists that make them look like artifacts from the Jim Crow past.  That is gonna be hard to do since just about every teabag and his mamma is a Republican and you know how that rolls.  Well folks of color who are not imbeciles like Herman Cain are unlikely to vote for them.

Second, scrap the Electoral College and get white people to unite and win the popular vote.  This is not going to be easy.  But if white folks want to remain in charge they will have to put the Electoral College in the trash heap of history.

This option is their best bet short of starting another Civil War. 

Just ask Donald Trump.  He has seen the white light.  The dumb f*ck is calling for a "revolution" on Twitter.

All of that mess aside it is very sad to know that the majority of folks of color have sent this war criminal and murderer back to the White House.

But I expected that to happen so I am not surprised.

Still sad though.  Not too long ago they were exactly where Obomber now murders in their name and with their consent.

And we are not free.



Pstonie said...

I don't think trump sees much light in the batshitcave. Neither did any of his ancestors, apparently.

Ridwan said...

I think you are probably right Pstonie. He is a jackass extraordinaire.

Thanks for your comment. You made me laugh.