Sunday, November 04, 2012

This Lonely Road

"What pleases your heart
Is not always what
Eases your spirit or your soul"

Comment: In just 1 minute and 43 seconds Cope relays a warning compliment of existential alienation.  

Simply amazing.

I like the emptiness of explaining that this or that country's inhabitants live on a dollar a day.

I like it because of the irony that in the land of the dollar its citizens live on more than just one dollar a day and yet remain empty nonetheless. 

Capitalized emptiness.  An inevitable imbalance is my thinking.

And the resistance is started so:

"For a dollar would you mind explaining to me why
Today got bought by tomorrow"

Profound in its inelegant simplicity, no?

The message is timeless; it reaches as far forward as it does beyond what is known.

And it will be written many times over until it is set down and aside.

The dollar cannot fill emptiness.  But sadly more and more will work harder to cover their alienation.

Enjoy your extra hour 'this lovely day' and listen even closer.



Kimberly Pillon said...

I also wonder if that line is about living for tomorrow and forgeting today. Graping at those moments that haven't come. Not living in the ones we have.

Yes very profound. What I love most is the simplicity.

I am listening closer.

Peace, K

Ridwan said...

I think it most likely is Kim.

Too many folks forget that all we have is now. Nothing wrong with planning but not the kind that frames the future in stuff or sells the now for a tomorrow that may never be realized.

I think that a lot of bitterness is defined by capitalized projection cause for most of us life never really turns out exactly like we wanted.

I like the Taoist emphasis on finding the flow and working toward balance.

But it is not easy.