Sunday, December 30, 2012

NYC Subway Push Murder a 'Hate Crime'

New York - A 31-year-old New York woman was scheduled to appear before a judge on Sunday after being charged with murder as a hate crime for shoving a Hindu man to his death in front of an oncoming subway train.

Erika Menendez of the Bronx borough was motivated by hatred of Muslims and Hindus, according to the Queens District Attorney's Office.

"I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims. Ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers, I've been beating them up," she told police.

Menendez, who is awaiting arraignment in Queens Criminal Court, faces from 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

The victim, 46-year-old Sunando Sen, was born in India and raised Hindu, a roommate told The New York Times.
Read the rest of this News24 article (December 30) here.

Comment: The undercurrents of this kind of irrational hatred is a direct outcome of the ongoing war on terror.

Where's is the public outcry you may be wondering?  Will we see thousands of Americans take to the streets in defense of brown people and their right to live in peace and dignity in the US and everywhere?

Just months ago a moron killed Sikhs in a temple in Wisconsin because they looked 'Muslim' now this moron kills a Hindu man because 'they' and Muslims caused 9/11.

Of course there will be the usual pundits pointing out that she (and it is significant that she is a woman) is most likely mentally disabled/challenged.

A few others will say that her name (Erika Menendez) sounds as if she is Latina so she is not a white racist - as if most Latinos/Hispanics do not consider themselves white anyway.

And don't forget that it is these same subways where you can find anti-Muslim propaganda that is allowed on billboards because the system deems it free speech.

Can you imagine the furore if a group of black/brown folks wanted to put up a sign blaming all white people for racism or perhaps slavery in particular?  What if another group wanted to blame Zionists for the ongoing massacre of Palestinians on subway billboards?

Would that be considered free speech too?  If not, what then is the standard of hate speech when a society allows anti-Muslim sentiment as a political right?

PressTv says that Menendez "has been charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime" as of this writing.

May Sunando Sen rest in peace until that day.

And we are not free.



Pstonie said...

It's the fluoridated states of america. Everyone who drinks the water is mentally challenged.

IMO this has nothing to do with racism. The people sitting on the resources they want just happen to be a different colour this time, so it appears that way. This comes down to authority and money's control over the media, which to many mentally challenged means the control over facts.

Ridwan said...

Thanks for your comment Pstonie.

I disagree that it "has nothing to do with racism" but value your input here.

By the way in Portland there is a fierce fight to stop the city from putting fluoride in the tap water.

And yet Portland is one of the most fruity places in the US - probably just the rain :0)

Best wishes,

Pstonie said...

I am fairly certain that this would not have happened absent 9/11 and the subsequent campaign of media terrorism demonising muslims. IMO most "racist" people aren't actually racist, they just accept the cultural bias of their environment. In the case of 9/11, a cultural bias was generated for profit.

Injury Lawyer NYC said...

Sounds like an uneducated ignorant crazy person to me.