Wednesday, January 09, 2013

More Anti-Muslim Ads Go Up in NYC Subways

January 9, 2013.

New York - The group that equated Muslim radicals with savages in advertisements last year has put up another set of provocative ads in dozens of New York City subway stations.

The American Freedom Defence Initiative purchased space next to 228 clocks in 39 stations for ads with an image of the burning World Trade Centre and a quote attributed to the Qur'an saying: "Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers."

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the ads went up on Monday and will run for a month.

The same group paid for ads to be displayed in 10 stations in September. Those ads implied enemies of Israel are "savages".

The MTA also sold space last year to competing advertisements that urged tolerance.

Comment: The point that the MTA sold space to competing advertisements is irrelevant.  This is hate speech plain and simple.

The quote from the Qur'an is a perverse manipulation of its historical context and it is being used to foment racist victimization in an 'us versus them' continuum.

Do you think the MTA would allow a pro-Palestinian group to put up pictures of what Israel is doing in Gaza?

Or what if some black group put up pictures of lynchings and KKK paraphernalia with the intent of stirring anti-white sentiment and blaming all whites for slavery/racism?

Would that be protected by the courts in New York?

I am also just amazed at how these incidents are interpreted here in South Africa - well at least from the comments that appear below this story in News24.

It appears that the processes of creating and sustaining anti-Muslim/Islam bigotry have a considerable following among South Africans. 

What a sham this thing the West calls 'freedom of speech'.  Freedom is for everybody and not only those who hold the power to mete out oppression.

But then decent people everywhere know that already.

And we are not free but will be well on our way when the empire disintegrates from internal rot.


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