Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunrise Portland Style

Thanks for the picture Kim.  Your Tuesday is obviously off to a great start. 



Kimberly said...

Yes it was a great day. Cold!

For the last week the sunrise has been red.

Thanks for posting.


Kweli said...

Kim obviously photoshopped this. I don't seen no sun in these here parts.

That useless thing in that sky ain't no sun. Ha!

Ridwan said...

Hi Kim:

It is a pretty sight for sure. Most days I am not up early enough to see the sun rise just about anywhere.

Be careful in the freezing rain that is forecast. That can be tricky in PDX and yeah you would be better taking public transport.


Ridwan said...

Hello Kweli:

I have a memory of making my way to work downtown Portland one very overcast winter day and seeing the sun peek out just a little bit.

So I just stood on a sidewalk waiting for the bus and staring directly at the sun.

I don't think my eyes even dilated.

On the other side of the delusion you could be here in the dusty bowl where the forecast for today is a cool 40 degrees!

It is too damn hot in Kimberley.