Thursday, February 07, 2013

One Headlight

Do you sometimes feel like you just driving around in the existential dark with just one headlight?

The car in the picture by the way is a Morris Minor.  In the early 80s I was the not so proud owner of one.  It was in pristine original condition and came my way after a long conversation with my dad about my desire to own a beach buggy.

One late Friday afternoon he called me and told me that he had a big surprise for me.

"Just wait till you see what I got you today," he said.  I could barely wait.  I was thinking babes hanging out of my cool topless car and of course my 'will get laid' meter was going bezerk

At the time my dad had a small used car lot and often he came home with interesting cars and even a few motorcycles for me to use till I got bored.  I was spoiled rotten.

Anyway, when my dad pulled into the driveway I about fell over looking at a light blue 1950-something relic that looked like it belonged in a museum.

"But I thought you were bringing a beach buggy," I said dejectedly.  "This is better than a beach buggy," he replied.

It was not.  Well not then.  I hardly ever drove it in the daytime just in case someone recognized me.  And after a few months of taking space in the garage it disappeared.

Truth be told my dad was right.  If I had kept that car it would be worth a whole lot of moola today.

But what did I know.  Still barely know much about anything.

I really need to get my internal headlight looked at.  Might as well get my 'will get laid' meter checked at the same time.  It seems to be missing a fuse or something for the longest time.

Dunno.  :0)

Image Credit: Unknown


Kweli said...

"Still barely know much about anything."

DAMN right, you don't!

You gave up that car? Man, your ass shoulda grown up in Kenya. You woulda driven a lorry proudly in them days--early 80s.

African swag, broer. Just get that lorry and make sure the goats pulling up front are well fed, cuz you ain't gonna beat the speed of sound if you a greedy driver.


This gun business here in the Beast has sure gone to the dogs. Everybody's rabid crazy now, everybody scared and packing heat and god knows what.

The DELUSION is on--it has been for a while.

Greetings to Fatime, DD and Guru.

Ridwan said...

Hey Kweli:

Thanks for your comment boet. You on a roll for sure :0)

I left the 80s but I am driving a lorry of sorts now. You will need a lot to pry me away from my dad's 1996 Isuzu diesel pickup.

In the delusional rainbow it ain't swagga material given the black rush to equality defined by appearing as white/western as possible.

But at least when I ferry garden refuge to the local landfill the municipal workers recognize me.

Yesterday I mistakenly loaded off some in the wrong place but the dude in charge said: "Broer I saw it was you and I said that's OK."

Now a Benz can't buy you that kind of respect huh?

I will pass on your greetings.

I may see the Guru next week since I am in Joburg for a conference on the 100 year anniversary of the Native Land Act.

Did I tell you the Guru also has one headlight? Ya but his is that new LED type so he can see around corners.

Peace Kweli.