Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Steve Sack on the 10th Anniversary of the US' Invasion of Iraq



Kimberly said...

Honestly is there really something to celebrate?!

Maybe stupidity and cruelity!

This is one of the many dumb ass moves by the US.

Saddam was trying to keep everyone from attaching him, by making grand claims of weapons. Boy did that bite him in the ass.

I protested and almost got run off the road because I had a sign protest war. People were heated and stupid. They haven't gotten any smarter and we are still screwing up those countries.


How's that for a comment?



Ridwan said...

I share your frustration Kimster.

And thank you for commenting it warms my heart of course.

I checked the blog stats this morning and it read: 499 total hits yesterday and two welcomed comments :0)

Hey I have too much time on my damn hands it seems.

And today, Thursday, is a public holiday here (Human Rights Day).

So yippee ... more nothing to do in the delusional dust bowl.