Friday, May 17, 2013

Guantánamo Hunger Strike: 100 Days and Counting in Obama's Gulag

A news report says the US is frantically working to disrupt the hunger strike by more than 100 of the 166 prisoners at Guantánamo:
Thirty of the detainees are being force-fed through a nasal tube, a practice the American Medical Association called “a violation of medical ethics.”
Prisoners are also being moved from communal cells to solitary detention cells where guards and prison staff are working to break their resolve according to Cindy Panuco, a human rights lawyer for Afghan detainee Obaidullah.

Their efforts appear to be failing as word leaks out that more prisoners are joining the hunger strike.

See Professor Marjorie Cohn's Counterpunch article "Gitmo: Where Death is Preferable to Life" (May 10-12, 2013) for a fuller analysis.

Also see fom more activist reports and analysis.  Moazzam Begg, a former Guantánamo prisoner, is the director of Cageprisoners and the author of a compelling account of his experiences entitled "Enemy Combatant: My imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar" (2007).

You can read an "Open letter from former Guantánamo prisoners" penned by Moazzam Begg and endorsed by other former prisoners here.

For another personal account by a former Guantánamo prisoner see Murat Kurnaz's "Five Years of My Life: An innocent man in Guantanamo" (2009).

And for a leaked account by a current Guantánamo prisoner see "Gitmo is killing me" (April 14, 2013) by Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel as published by the New York Times.

To stay updated you can follow RT's ongoing timeline of the hunger strike and related events.

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