Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reject Cape Town award, ANC tells Obamas

May 28, 2013.
Cape Town - The ANC says United States President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle should not accept Cape Town's Freedom of the City award, the Cape Times reported on Tuesday.

"To us this is nothing other than a diversion and I think it would be a pity if Obama accepted the award from a city that doesn't care about the poorest of the poor," ANC Western Cape secretary Songezo Mjongile told the newspaper.

Mayor Patricia de Lille reportedly made the decision to honour the Obamas in recognition of their inspirational example.

Her proposal was adopted by council last May with 128 councillors voting in favour, four against, and 58 abstaining. The Obamas have accepted the honour.

According to the newspaper, the couple would pay official state visits to Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania from 26 June to 3 July to strengthen "economic growth, investment, and trade".

De Lille was quoted as saying that no arrangements had yet been made to present the award to the Obamas. (SAPA)
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Comment: There is little surprise in the fact that a sellout political chameleon like Patirica De Lille wants to honor a sellout political chameleon like President Obama and his equally tiresome and patronizing wife.

There is even less surprise in the fact that elected councilors voted overwhelmingly to give the Obama's Cape Town's Freedom of the City award.

Hey we talking about Cape Town here.  It is the haven of liberal whiteness.

A pathological haven that is as uneasy being part of South Africa as it is blind to what Obama and his allies have wrought on black and brown skins everywhere.

We can't expect the Democratic Alliance (DA) to be sensitive to black and brown issues.  They only know white privilege very well even when it is being advanced by the likes of De Lille.

Not everyone in Cape Town is deceived though.  The MRC and Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) have raised concerns about the award in a letter to President Zuma.  They wrote in part (and in vain I might add):
"Obama's intimate role in authorising US drone attacks overseas is a cold-blooded account of how he and his disciples in Washington decide on who will live and who must die."
President Zuma can't stop the DA from presenting the award to the Obamas.  South Africa is a democracy if even a teetering one filled with myopic capitalized idiots across the party spectrum.

Nonetheless, I think it important that the MRC and MJC have raised their voices.  But most folks who think a great deal about the Obamas and the DA will just shrug off the criticism leveled by both organizations because, after all, they represent Muslims (those latent terrorists the US is at war with everywhere).

I will never vote for the DA even though I lament deeply what the ruling party of President Zuma is doing to the delusional rainbow.

This latest buffoonery by De Lille has only made me more disdainful of what the DA represents in post-apartheid politics and more resolute to resist their liberal wanking wherever possible.

Oh and if you were thinking the Obamas might turn down the award - think again.  They are the worst kind of black comprodore liberals and fit in nicely with De Lille and company.

Still, the ANC calling on the Obamas to turn down the award is equally delusional as the DA conferring the award in the first place.

Both political parties are just engaged in political grandstanding and tellingly out-of-touch with what President Obama is doing to poor, black and brown innocents in this age of the faltering American empire.

I hardly expect that if a black ANC controlled city in South Africa was giving an award to the Obamas there would even be an uproar from their compromised and deployed benches.

Truthfully, Cape Town's DA just beat the ANC to the punch.

And we are not free.



Gerhard Venter said...

Honoring the drone president is disgusting, and also a betrayal of liberal values (and all other human values).

Is it not so that being a liberal can be a principled an honest position to take in politics? I remember you've written in a positive way about liberals a long time ago.

I think the problem with the DA is not that they are liberal, or say they are, but they are deceitful as can also be seen from their current reinvention of history campaign (wherein the DA practically rescued SA from Apartheid).

Is it not so that this kind of dishonesty is not limited to liberals - you can find it among the left and the right as well.

Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly for your comment Gerhard.

I agree that liberals can and do take principled and honest positions as you say.

Perhaps liberals who do should point out more often how the DA and folks like Obama are undermining the grand traditions of liberalism.

I also agree that unprincipled positions can be found among the left and right as you say.

For example I have been struck lately at how racist and sexist some self-defined online Marxists can be when confronted with the shallowness of class-only analysis.

In SA the DA positions themselves as the voice of liberalism and I see the move to draw Obama closer as a gesture toward an international liberal solidarity even.

Most of all though I absolutely agree that honoring Obama is an affront to humanitarian values.

The man and his allies are simply murderous. He should be facing a war crimes tribunal and not being feted in Cape Town or anywhere else.

I think you would agree.

Thanks again for looking in here.


Amanda said...

This is cool!