Monday, May 13, 2013

Saudi Student Visited by FBI After Using Pressure Cooker to Cook Food

Neetzan Zimmerman
May 13, 2013.

FBI agents were called to the Michigan home of a Saudi student who was spotted walking around with a pressure cooker — only to learn that he was using it to bring food to his friend's house. 

 Talal al Rouki

Talal al Rouki told the Saudi daily Okaz he was visited by several FBI agents last Friday after a neighbor apparently called in to report his "bullet-colored" pressure cooker.

"They asked me about my major, when I arrived in the US and what I do in my spare time," al Rouki is quoted as saying.

He then showed the agents his cooker, which he had just used to cook kabsa, a traditional Saudi dish consisting of rice, meat, and vegetables.

Satisfied, the agents withdrew, but not before one of them told al Rouki to "be more careful moving around with such things."

Comment: This is so funny it borders on tragic idiocy.  There is so much wrong with what happened to Talal al Rouki.

There is even more wrong with the mentality behind calling the FBI.

I liked one of the comments below the Gawker story that said it boils down to (my pun and intended by the way) "cooking while Muslim".

So don't speak Arabic on a plane or just about anywhere dumbass Americans are on the prowl for brown skin terrorists and definitely don't cook your rice in a pressure cooker and then take it over your friend's house to share.

When I was in graduate school in Indiana (late 80s) I would often eat with Saudi students who cooked kabsa and carried it over to my flat in a pressure cooker.

We never blew a damn thing up.  I really miss those innocent kabsa-eating days.

In other news it seems the Daily Maverick has just broken a story that is ... well, broken.  It purports that there are Al-Qaida training camps in South Africa run by a prominent Muslim family just about everyone in the Indian community knows - the Dockrats.

You should come over for dinner tonight so we can talk more about the US/UK pressure to turn the focus on South African Muslims and their make-belief tendency to train and harbor terrorists.

Coconut Burfi (Credit)
Oh ... you should know that the momz uses a pressure cooker from time to time but probably won't tonight.  No worries then.  So, just come as you are and leave your troubles elsewhere.

We serve halal food with a side of radical salad for eternal balance.

And since at least half of my genetics come from Gujarat in India - the same place the Dockrat family's ancestors come from - we will even throw in some masala tea and burfi for desert.

You'll like it.  Promise.



Kweli said...

cooking while muslim; walking while black; breathing while muslim; looking at government buildings suspiciously while muslim & black; using cellphones while muslim; using public transportation while muslim; trying to blend in while muslim, etc.


state disciplining through the creation of categories of criminology.

so if you are muslim, do not move a muscle. do not do anything. stay in stasis, which is the most nonthreatening position and thing you can do.

also, try to disappear. try to lose materiality. try to be invisible. pretty much just become extinct.


Ridwan said...

Hola Kweli:

Thanks for an excellent comment boet.

I think your last paragraph sums up the intention of suspicion the best:

"(P)retty much just become extinct," so we can take all the oil and other riches under the soil where you come from and, thereby, command strategic points and resources forever.

There is also the need to justify the extinction - this is to say it is also about Muslims and Islam and not just their material resources, etc.

The West needed to 'civilize' the savage in Africa while it savaged the continent for resources with Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

Underneath all the outright suppression and theft is also the need for vindication that the white way is the right way.

Muslims/Islam must be made extinct because they pose a threat to 'humanity' (whiteness).

Ideological whiteness needs to rationalize its brutality in other words - a dialectic with suppositions of social Darwinism perhaps.

Trust you are well among the liberals up there boet.

Get rid of your pressure cooker if you have one and cook your rice in the dark ;0)