Thursday, May 02, 2013

Zapiro on Guptagate!

Comment: This story is just bizarre.  A private chartered plane lands at what must be one of South Africa's most secured military airfields and no-one knows how or why or who authorized the landing.

The government says they did not authorize the landing.  The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) says they did not authorize the landing.

Major politicians in the tri-partite alliance call the incident an affront to national security and sovereignty.

The Guptas - close friends of President Zuma and the bankroll behind his son's financial exploits - on the other hand insist that the necessary authorization was obtained.

It is all a mystery that needs answers.  Good thing the government is getting all the answers by suspending the Chief of State Protocol who will from here on out be called the Fall Guy.

President Zuma has also acted with decisive authority on the matter by canceling his attendance at the Gupta wedding - does this mean that he won't be sending a wedding gift too?


A joke making the rounds in South Africa made me laugh so hard over breakfast this morning that I almost spilled my unsweetened coffee.  This is my amended version of the funny :0)
The United States have an aircraft they use to enter foreign airspace without detection.  It is called a stealth bomber.  They also have drones that do the same thing all over the planet. 
Not to be outdone the South African government can now claim to have in its possession a plane that can enter its airspace undetected, breach national security, land without authorization, plunder state coffers in the process, and do so without any detectable accountability. 
It is called a HeliGupta.
Are we an insane country or what?



Pstonie said...

People surprise me. Many expected a more detailed answer from these shitheads than "eish".

Reminds of the clear display of social stratification during the world cup. And yet these vip wastes are worshipped as if they contribute something more useful than an example of what an utter failure a human being can become.

Some dogs learn faster than most people.

Ridwan said...

Hello Pstonie:

Thanks kindly for your comment.

You are absolutely right. The sickening class dimensions in this story is but a metaphor for the larger disease that has settled via the new politics and its elitist pretensions.

In recent weeks I have been reminded just how disgusting it is to see fat cat politicians parade through gatherings as if they are royalty.

Even the rules of the road do not apply to these folks. They park their expensive cars anywhere they please and arrive as if they are to be worshiped.

And as you say folks worship them anyway - even with no more than crumbs to show.

Very sad - a farce all over again.

Peace to you,