Sunday, July 14, 2013

Asiana to sue over bogus pilot names gaffe

July 14, 2013.

Seoul - Asiana said on Sunday it was planning lawsuits against US transport authorities and a TV station for mistakenly confirming and airing false and offensive names for the pilots behind its fatal crash in San Francisco.

Fox network affiliate KTVU news Channel 2 in Oakland identified the pilots of the Asiana Boeing 777 that crashed last weekend as "Sum Ting Wong", "Wi Tu Lo", "Ho Lee Fuk", and "Bang Ding Ow".

KTVU cited the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as its source, but quickly realised the mistake and apologised.

The NTSB later apologised for the "inaccurate and offensive names that were mistakenly confirmed" as those of the Asiana pilots - and blamed the mistake on an intern.

Asiana however said the incident had "seriously tarnished the dignity of the four pilots as well as the company".

"We are planning legal actions against KTVU that aired the report as well as the NTSB that confirmed the names," the air carrier said in a statement.

Three people died when Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on 6 July and more than 180 were injured. 

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Comment: No surprise that a Fox affiliate would not know the racism staring at them.

What is even more offensive to me here in South Africa is to read the comments section.

Judging by the names/avatars listed all the offensive comments are from white South Africans.  Who says racism is dead in this second decade of post-apartheid rule?

One comment in particular pointed out the manner in which racism is ingrained in whiteness to which a couple of replies decried the need for making everything a race topic in South Africa.

See this exchange:
Johnson Marx - July 14, 2013 at 11:21

Moral of this story...never underestimate the fact that white racism is ingrained.
Martin Sons - July 14, 2013 at 12:23

Racism? Do you actually know the meaning of the word racism? Idiot!
How ironic that the imbecile Martin Sons obviously has no clue what racism means.  But most of his like-minded bigots are the same.

Making fun on this tragedy and adding more insensitive comments is racist!

Some white folks really need to get a clue.

Like this idiot for example:
Patsy Smith - July 14, 2013 at 11:54

FGS! Can't you people take a joke - even if it IS sick humour. Very sorry for the dead and injured, but! I'm constantly amazed at the amount of time, energy and money spent on sueing people for irony, sarcasm etc....
If the dead bodies being pulled out of this tragedy were white hardly a giggle would be heard among the guffawing herrenvolk who still think the world revolves around them.

If black folks were making fun of a white tragedy I bet Patsy Smith above would be on the forefront calling for a lawsuit to teach us a lesson about civility and being humane.

But since this tragedy is about Asian folks it is a matter to draw humor and have a good 'ol guffaw even if it is "sick humor" as she says.

Most white people need to be schooled in what racism means and most white people - if not all - should be ashamed of their collective history in subjugating just about everyone who is not white. 

It is hardly a laughing matter.

And we are not free.


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