Tuesday, July 02, 2013

War Criminals X 2: Obama and Bush in Tanzania

 US President Barack Obama and former US president George W Bush are seen during a wreath laying ceremony in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. (Evan Vucci, AP). See more pictures here.


Kweli said...

the farce of those decrying his not visiting kenya: we already have two folks charged for crimes against humanity in office.

now we're all sad because a third one is not visiting?

this is kenya.

[this kikwete president in tanzania grates to no end]

Ridwan said...

I heard an analyst here in SA saying that you cannot blame Obama for not going to Kenya because he does not want to be seen with a leader who faces charges at the ICC.

My first thought was he should face charges.

Folks here have already forgotten he was here - particularly since he came empty handed.

The Chinese on the other hand are doing business here while the US kills innocents in its faux wars.

Trust you are well.