Thursday, August 08, 2013

If You Should Fall

ties that are tested and tried
like the crashing of the waves
will be lost in the tide
talk away the pain for the very last time
like an echo in a cave
let it die in your mind

i told you i'd hold you
till the last days on earth


Kimberly said...

One of my favs

Are you listening to anything else I gave you?

Ridwan said...

I need a decade or more to just catch up.

I listen old skool. Drive a 26 year old BMW. OK it only has 20k miles on it but hey - old skool.

And it has been a year since you gave me all kinds of music to listen too - I am working my way through the list, promise.

I lost my TFF CD "Everyone loves a happy ending" in one of my moves and I found this track in an email from Dionne in PDX from 2004!

I know you put it onto the listening list but unfortunately it did not make it on, well except for one track "Who killed tangerine".

Are you trying to say something? :0)

AnyHowze, like I said - old skool iz me.