Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hooray!!! BlackBerry Declared Definitely Almost Dead

BlackBerry is laying off 4500 of its global staff.  This after the Canadian company suffered a death certifying quarterly loss of almost $1 billion.

So sad for all the BBM cultists - those leftovers who are still clinging to the BBone but eying the Apple crowd for salvation.  Not so stylish now are they?

The best comment I read that sums up the situation for BB was posted on Gawker - where else?

Here is the comment by OMG!PONIES!
"This year's corporate retreat is being held at Shit Creek. Paddles will not be provided."
Absolutely precious don't you agree?

With the death of BB I eagerly await the demise of Apple in all its iterations and moving even more hopefully along I can't wait to see FaceBook and Twitter f*ck off into the disconnected abyss.

No I am not grumpy.  Just saying.


Ps. Job losses are, of course, no laughing matter.


Anonymous said...

Not only are the job losses tragic, but the end of Canadian Blackberry also means that the tech world and Internet is increasingly dominated by a very small number of US giants.

Finnish company Nokia is also being taken over by Microsoft - these are not good developments given the recent NSA / GCHQ revelations

Ridwan said...

You raise a good point Alleman.

BB lost me when they became the provider of communication devices to the US military - a contract that was ended this year if memory serves me.

But still you raise a relevant worry about US saturation.

I wonder if China is thinking about buying BB?