Monday, September 09, 2013

Supporting Al-Qaeda during the anniversary week of 9/11

September 9, 2013.
In a twist of irony that has escaped mainstream commentators, during the week of 9/11, the US is considering a course of action that will empower Al-Qaeda, i.e. bombing Syria.

As terror expert Evan Kohlmann put it, “two of the most powerful insurgent factions in Syria are Al-Qaeda factions.” Kohlmann is an authority on the subject, having worked as a consultant in terrorism matters for the DoD, DOJ, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies.

Regarding the prospective strike on Syria, Steven A. Cook, a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at The Council on Foreign Relations, warns that “American and allied cruise missiles would be to the benefit of the Al-Qaeda-linked militants fighting Assad—the same militants whom US drones are attacking regularly in places such as Yemen.”

According to Bloomberg, speaking off the record with military and intelligence officials within Obama’s own administration, “among the primary concerns expressed were that the main beneficiaries could be groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda.”
Assad is a secular leader, which is one of the reasons he is hated by Al-Qaeda. Bombing the secular regime he represents makes it easier for fundamentalist challengers like Al-Qaeda to seize power. Such transfer of power, from secular regimes to religious extremists, is not without recent precedent. In Iraq, the US overthrow of secular leader, Saddam Hussein, enabled an Al-Qaeda organization (AQI) to emerge in Iraq in 2003. As the head of UN weapons inspections in Iraq points out, AQI “didn’t exist in the country until after the invasion.” Now the US wants to participate in the Syrian conflict—the very same conflict that’s provided a sanctuary for AQI leaders.
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Comment: Bombing Syria and helping Al-Qaeda to seize power will lead to the same mayhem that is unfolding in Libya now that Gaddafi is dead.

The same is true for what happened after Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

The US, however, is both too arrogant and stupid to see the same scenario unfold each time.  And we are left to believe that these dastardly invasions with its mass human suffering has made the world safer and more secure.

What absolute nonsense.

In Syria the US is being played by Israel who is on a march to destroy Iran and it is being played by the so called "rebel forces" who are in effect Al-Qaeda forces supported by the Saudis.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it on 9/11.


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