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Why Rouhani Is a Nightmare for Israel's Mossad

The Progressive via Common Dreams 
Uri Avnery
September 27, 2013.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addresses the UN General Assembly 
meeting on Wednesday in New York this week. 
(Photo: screenshot)
Rouhani is the very opposite of his predecessor. If the Mossad had been asked to sketch the worst possible Iranian leader Israel could imagine, they would have come up with someone like him.

An Iranian who recognizes and condemns the Holocaust!

An Iranian man who offers sweetness and light!

An Iranian who wishes peace and friendship on all nations – even hinting that Israel could be included, if only we give up the occupied Palestinian territories!

Could you imagine anything worse?

I am not joking. This is deadly serious!

Even before Rouhani could open his mouth after his election, he was condemned outright by Binyamin Netanyahu.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing!

A real anti-Semite!

A cheat out to deceive the whole world!

A devious politician whose devilish aim is to drive a wedge between Israel and the naive Americans!

This is the real Iranian bomb, far more threatening than the nuclear one that will be built behind the smokescreen of Rouhani’s sweet talk!

A nuclear bomb can be deterred by another nuclear bomb. But how do you deter a Rouhani?

Yuval Steinitz, our failed former Minister of Finance and at present responsible for our “strategic thinking” (yes, really!), exclaimed in despair that the world wants to be deceived by Iran.

Binyamin Netanyahu called it a “honey trap.”

Commentators who are hand-fed by “official circles” (i.e., the Prime Minister’s Office) proclaim that Rouhani is an existential threat.

All this before he had uttered a word.

When Rouhani at long last made his Grand Speech at the UN General Assembly, all the dire forebodings were confirmed.

Where Ahmadinejad had set off a stampede of delegates from the hall, Rouhani packed them in. Diplomats from all over the world were curious about the man. They could have read the speech a few minutes later, but they wanted to see and hear for themselves. Even the United States sent officials to be present. No one left.

No one, that is, except the Israelis.

The Israeli diplomats were instructed by Netanyahu to leave the hall demonstratively when the Iranian started to speak.

That was a stupid gesture, as rational and as effective as a little boy’s tantrum when his favorite toy is taken away.

Stupid, because it painted Israel as a spoiler, at a time when the entire world is seized by an attack of optimism after the recent events in Damascus and Tehran.

Stupid, because it proclaims the fact that Israel is at present totally isolated.
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Comment: I watched an Israeli spokesperson warn folks on CNN the other day that President Rouhani says the same things his predecessor did except he uses a smile instead of a smirk to convey the message.

It was a laughable moment brought on by the perpetual hysteria in motion that is the bane of Israel's very existence.

With no real bogeyman to finger in Iran the plot is falling apart as just about everyone is growing tired of the menace that Israel represents in Middle Eastern politics and beyond.

This is a very interesting time in the politics of revolution for all in the Middle East but especially the Palestinians who live as a colonized people under the boot of Israeli hysteria.


Update (September 1, 2013):  As if on cue the "Israeli Prime Minister tells UN General Assembly not to be deceived by President Rouhani’s moderate tone" according to a report in The Independent.

Showing just how much moral ground Israel has lost to President Rouhani, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reduced to name calling:
“When it comes to nuclear weapons the only difference between the two is that Ahmadinejad is a wolf in wolf’s clothing, while Rouhani is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community,” ...
The words paranoid and pathetic come to mind.


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