Monday, October 14, 2013

"Do You Know What Today Is?" It's my bloggerversary.

Today is indeed my anniversary.  Another year blogging here.  So actually my bloggerversary.

I started this blog using the free WiFi in a tea shop in South Delhi called Passion Tea.  My thinking was that the blog would be a great place to post pictures of my stay in India.  I also expected to write a little about my search for my Indian roots.

Now seven years later this blog is my most enduring relationship - most of it with myself no less ;0)

I often tell folks that blogging is my therapy: A place to work out my ideas and to vent my frustrations but also to seek peace and truth through confrontation.

I said I would stop writing here when it did not feel right anymore.  A few friends and colleagues over the years have said writing so openly and under my name is risky career business.

Nonsense.  I don't write anything here I don't say in person whether in the classroom or wherever I find myself scraping dimes together to make a living.

I calls it like I sees it and when I am wrong I will be the first to admit it.

More folks read here than I have ever expected.  Yeah I keep track of Google hits and trends most everyday, call me vane if you must.

To everyone who reads here - including the now (in)famous Guru - I say thank you kindly.

Here's to seven years and counting because it still feels right to write.

It's my bloggerversary yo.



Anonymous said...

Still my favorite Blog.

Congratulations Ridi. Keep writing.


Ridwan said...

Thank you kindly my sista Arlene. I trust you are well and enjoying the approach of fall up there.

Hope to chat soon.