Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Dumbasses

This morning I was standing at the repair section of a Vodacom store with my three-month-old smartphone along with at least five other Samsung owners who were decidedly more irate than me.

"So what's the prognosis?" I asked the repair person.

"We will have to keep your cell till tomorrow morning and you will loose all your pictures and apps including WhatsApp," she answered.

"Oh I will miss my pictures of Boo Boo and Maya but to hell with WhatsApp it is a pain in my ..., " I replied stopping short of indicating where to her relief.

Driving away from the Vodacom store in my trusty 18-year-old diesel pickup I thought new is never better.  My very old grey Nokia brick I bought in India in 2006 is still working perfectly with its worn keys, monochrome screen and 7 day battery life.

And hey it can't WhatsApp 'cause it can't go online worth a ...

AnyHowze, I was thinking I need a good laugh to help me restore balance; and as if the universe was listening comedy relief was on its way to do just that.

My girl Laura sent me this link in an email entitled "35 Ridiculously Dumb People that will make you feel like a genius" and now I am back to Ridi normal.

These are my favorites from among the 35 Friday dumbasses:

Anyone who has no idea how time works:

Anyone who thinks this is an option:

Anyone who apparently has never been in an elevator before:

Geez hey?


Ps.  Thanks Laura you made my day but you now have me obsessed with BuzzFeed too.  :0)


Laura Massey said...

Um you can't live without WhatsApp let's not kid ourselves

Ridwan said...

Well yes you right. Plus I like talking to you everyday.

Did I send you pictures of the squatters that have put up shacks in an open field across from our house?

My neighborhood is in an uproar.

I spent my day trying to figure out why my VW is not the same great car I know after routine maintenance.

Trust you are well. I will buzz ya lata.