Tuesday, December 03, 2013

My brain is mush ... so time for a new BMW

In the last week or so I have become obsessed with buying a new BMW.  On the one hand it may be because I am having another one of my midlife crises again or on the other it may simply mean I am making too much damn money.

Of course it could be both reasons but I think you probably have more than just an inkling which one layers my consciousness this brain-fried time of year.

AnyHowze, so this is one of the cars that has a hold on me.  It is a 2014 BMW 235i M Sport and it will be released in the coming weeks:

Yeah I know it is seriously boy racer.  And yeah I know we don't have roads in the dust bowl where I will be able to utilize its 0 - 100 kph in 5.1 seconds or its 250 kph electronically strangled top speed but I still want one.

Oh then there is the more mature soon to be released BMW 435i M Sport and it looks like so:

You would have to agree that this model is somewhat more grown-up and fitting for a man of my crumbling design.

So, I have spent the last two nights thinking through which one of these two cars would best suit my post-hope age given that I have ostensibly given up on just about all givens in life.

My thinking came after I bumped into a young man I have known since he was a kid.  He is in his early thirties now and next week he plans to have a formal engagement ceremony to mark the marker of finding his elusive so called soul mate.

I congratulated the brother.  It is the right and proper thing to do, no?  All of this took place in the gym on a late Sunday afternoon when folks who have real lives were probably digesting too much of a lunch and bemoaning the state of implosion that is South Africa.

As I turned to walk away the young brother said to me with a kind affirming smile: "I will make a dua (prayer) for you so that you can meet your special one very soon."

I just smiled.  I did not want to tell the brother that I have met more special ones than I want to remember and the special part always goes south in much the same agonizing way.

Kinda like life.  It is a ponzi scheme for the most part.

But let me set the absurdity aside for just a spell.  I think it important that folks dream about forever if even because it gives them something to do in-between the lament that life mostly sucks the life out of all of us.

Dreaming is kinda like taking a smoke break in that it seems to disrupt the monotony of reality's routine.  Of course both can be deadly and definitely on average not good for your overall health.

That said I have come to appreciate the important things in life.  You know, the things you can control and not leave up to a chance meeting or the roll of dice that favors you over the imbecile next door.

For this reason a cool new muscular BMW is what I want.  It is controlled purpose.  And it has enough oomph to get my nostrils flared and when I am tired of driving it I can park it next to my 30 year old classic BMW I keep covered in my garage where I also have two sizable boxes filled with letters and forget-me-nots from onetime soul mates who now are in their last decade or so before being pensionable.

Of course I could forgo all of this and just buy a new motorcycle and get killed by a taxi missile on the roads of the dust bowl or elsewhere in the delusional republic.

Well maybe I will do that next ... right now I want a brand new BMW with four wheels and red brake calipers.


Ps.  Most of my politics and class sensibilities were seriously damaged by this post ... but hey at least someone is still praying for me to find a final soul mate to destroy what little integrity I have left ;0)

BMW 235 Credit
BMW 435 Credit


Anonymous said...

Peace Ridwan,

This post proves you only human!!

Nothing wrong with buying a 'new ride'. Enjoy!!!

Regards, Bash

Ridwan said...

SLM Bash:

Thanks for your comment and support my brother.

I think a new ride will be just the thing too.

Trust you are well,

Loriana Rasnake said...

Hey you only live once. Enjoy

Stumbled upon your blogs. Interesting reading. Will read more of your posts.


Ridwan said...

Hola Loriana:

Thank you kindly for leaving a comment.

I think you are right: we only live once and therefore we should live the best we can.

Please do keep looking and blessings to you too.