Monday, January 20, 2014

KT Oslin's Country Soul

"Slowly I’m healing
Broken hearts take a little time

Now that I’m feeling stronger
Time I changed one last pattern of mine  

I have to find
Me a new way home"

Comment: Somewhere in the late 80s my then girlfriend in Indiana introduced me to the music of KT Oslin.

At first I was skeptical about listening to country.

"Give her a chance and you will find that some country music has soul too," she said on one of our trips from Terre Haute to Indianapolis.

She was right about KT Oslin.  

I still have that tape she made for me - yep here in the delusional rainbow.  I do not have a tape player to listen to it but I remember the cut above being one of my very favorites.

KT Oslin kinda fell out of recording somewhere in the early 90s but if she ever went on the road again I would travel from the delusional rainbow to hear her soulful voice.

Give her a listen.  I think you would agree.  I liked her so much I think it bordered on a crush in the early 90s.

Oh I should say the cut above helped me heal and "find a new way home" more than just once.

Of course now I just stay at home to avoid all that mess - well mostly ;0)

That said I really hope that beautiful woman from Indiana ended up happy after all.


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