Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Quander Historical Society: Declaration of Empathy for the Dalit People of India

February 7 Print Edition
Whereas, This Declaration expresses our deepest empathies for the human rights abuses of and social and economic segregation of Dalits in India

Whereas, The Dalits of India are history’s longest standing oppressed population, subjected to institutionalised discrimination, slavery, abject poverty, human trafficking, and persecution

Whereas, The Quander Historical Society, which represents one of the oldest documented descendants of slaves in the United States of America, Dalit Freedom Network, a non-profit dedicated to ending the subjugation of Dalits in India, and Gye Nyame, a non-profit that focuses on cultural and educational advancement have called on the United States of America, and her people, to stand in solidarity with Dalits of India

We…, in a spirit of unity and solidarity, and in an effort to promote justice, respectfully assert that our nation should oppose the modern day enslavement of the Dalits and declare empathy with their plight.
Comment: See "Dalit sufferings are a human rights issue" (Frontline: February 7 Print Edition) an interview with Rohulamin Quander the founder of the Quander Historical Society.

Dalit communities across India have historically drawn lessons and inspiration from the black struggle for freedom in the US.

It is significant that the descendants of one of the oldest slave families in the US have now issued a declaration of support for Dalit struggle toward freedom in India.

We should all be working in a similar vein to thrust the issue of Dalit emancipation into the global arena.

And we are not free.


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