Friday, March 07, 2014

Godwin's 'law': Playing the Nazi Card against Putin

A demonstrator holds a placard during a protest outside the 
White House in Washington DC against Russian 
aggression in Ukraine. (Karen Bleier, AFP; Credit)

Comment: There is, of course, no credible substantiation to liken Putin to Hitler or to characterize Russia's entry into Ukraine as Nazi-like aggression and appropriation.

Godwin's 'law' or rule was intended to describe internet discussions that grow heated and invariably lead to accusations that draw comparisons with Hitler and Nazism.

The rule has been adapted to similarly describe episodes/incidents such as the one above.

This is not to say that the protestor may not feel righteously aggrieved.  Rather, the point is that Hitler killed six million plus innocent human beings in his war against humanity and by that deplorable standard Putin's entry into the Ukraine (Crimea) is a Sunday walk in the park.  

Where were these folks when Bush and company created lies to invade Iraq?


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